Health Care 360 and Patient-Provider 360 Solutions

Health care 360 is a digital platform that unites healthcare providers and patients in a single, HIPAA compliant system for better access and higher-quality patient care. The solution centralizes information, allowing medical professionals to turbo-charge their productivity and better manage patient relationships.

A 360 perspective of provider relations enables health plans to streamline processes such as credentialing, prior authorization, and claims processing. This capability helps plans to build a positive payor-provider relationship, increase provider engagement and improve member satisfaction.

Moreover, a 360 view of a provider can be accessed in real time, ensuring that issues are addressed quickly and efficiently. This means that plans can avoid service interruptions and reduce costs by addressing provider concerns as soon as they arise.

The ability to provide a complete and accurate picture of a health plan’s providers, products, services, and networks is critical to maintaining a competitive advantage in the healthcare industry. A centralized repository of this information is also easier to maintain for providers, which can lead to increased efficiency and job satisfaction.

It also enables health plans to gain a clearer understanding of how providers may be affiliated with different hospital systems, which can lead to better service for members. Additionally, the ability to maintain a complete, up-to-date provider database allows health plans to develop a deeper understanding of potential providers, which can help them attract more members and strengthen their business.

In addition, a provider 360 view can be used to assess gaps-in-care, allowing plans to better understand and address member needs. This helps to optimize the healthcare experience for members, improving retention and reducing costly readmissions.

Providing a 360 degree view of the patient journey and enhancing patient safety is essential to keeping people healthier and delivering high-quality, cost-effective care. With a comprehensive and holistic patient management system, a health plan can evaluate the entire care experience throughout each member’s lifespan to deliver better value, faster.

A healthcare CRM optimized in a Patient-Provider 360 solution delivers all essential patient information to physicians, nurses, and other medical professionals in a single, easy-to-use platform. It allows physicians to schedule appointments, send patient files, and communicate with patients in a highly personalized way–all at the click of a button.

Sophisticated healthcare CRM software automates complex scheduling, including sequential, specialty, and surgeries. It even tailors appointment types based on physician preferences, including disposition, insurance, age, and geo-location.

It allows medical professionals to optimize the patient experience by providing a unified and detailed view of a patient’s history, allowing doctors to create a tailored treatment plan for each patient.

As the healthcare industry continues to change, there are new demands for a more personalized approach to healthcare. This demand is creating a new clinical management model that provides physicians, pharmacies and payers with actionable data insights to enable patients to get the care they need.

Using immersive 360deg videos to deliver health and social care education is a rapidly expanding area, with little research examining its application in this field (Yoganathan, Finch, Parkin, & Pollard, 2018). While some studies have found that learners respond more positively to training through immersive 360deg videos, there are few studies that examine “scaling up” such interventions or reporting key intervention qualities and outcomes.

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